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About Coveroos?

Coveroos are covers, cases and journals that are customized just for you. We support all major phone brands including iPhone, Blackberry, HTC, Motorola and Samsung, as well as electronic devices such as the iPad, iPod and Kindle. You pick a design, and then we use a unique patent pending technology to apply the design to a new case or replacement cover for your existing phone. When you get your Coveroo in the mail you simply pop off your old cover and snap on your Coveroo.

Unlike other customization products, Coveroo uses laser engraving technology and a HighColor process to give personal electronic devices a high-quality design that won't ever fade, peel or rub off. See Some Samples.

How does Coveroo work?

  1. You pick a design. Choose from thousands of designs featuring your favorite stars, artists, shows, brands, and teams. Can’t decide? Order a few!
  2. We make it and send it to you. Tell us your phone model and we go to work! Choose premium Laser Engraving or our signature HighColor process. We customize a brand new cover, battery door, face plate, or back plate, and send it to you lickety-split.
  3. It's yours! Cases and covers easily snap right on to your device. Simply pop off your plain ol’ cover, battery door, face plate, or back plate. Then snap on your Coveroo. Whoohoo! A star is born. (Friends jealous? Don’t worry – we’ve got designs for them too!)

How do I know my Coveroo will fit my phone?

Just pick the make and model of your phone and we’ll make sure it fits. We stock replacement covers and cases from major phone manufacturers and apply the designs of your choice. That means your Coveroo exactly matches the face plate, battery door, back plate, or cover that came with your phone. (Only better, of course, because it matches you, too.) We’re so sure you’ll like your Coveroo that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.*

Are they hard to apply?

Nope! Anyone can snap on a new Coveroo in seconds. Just pop off the old case or battery door and snap on the new one. They’re so easy to switch out that you can change them to match your mood, the weather, your horoscope, game day, you name it.

How are Coveroos different from skins or stickers?

Stickers wear out. Skins fade and slip off. A Coveroo is more of a BFF. Coveroos look crisp and clear - they won’t peel, fade or wear out.

How are Coveroos made?

We use two completely unique technologies (that we dreamed up!) to customize a replacement cover for your phone that will look great on your phone. Choose from LaserEngraved or HighColor design processes and get the design of your choice permanently emblazoned on a manufacturer-made replacement phone cover or case.

Our experienced craftspeople apply each design by hand, just for you, here at our San Francisco headquarters. Each Coveroo is designed to swap in for your phone’s original case or battery door and to make your ho-hum device look waaaay more attractive.

How can I use a Coveroo?

Coveroos make great gifts for guys, gals, teammates, classmates, clubmates, grads, coworkers — you name it! Everyone loves ‘em. Choose from thousands of designs featuring your favorite stars, teams, shows, and characters, or upload your own photo, message, artwork, or logo for a completely customized gift.

  • Gift giving? Solved! Put your loved ones’ favorite stars or ball players on a phone cover for a unique gift.
  • Build team spirit. Share school mascots or company logos with members of your club, class, team, or business.
  • Make your phone match you. Get a bunch of Coveroos and put some personality into your phone. Swap ‘em out every day!


How do I order?

Here’s the scoop:
  1. Pick or email us your design. Scroll through our catalog by show, star, team, school…
  2. Pick your phone/device model.
  3. Give us a few details!
    1. Choose between LaserEngraved or HighColor processing.
    2. Add text (optional).
    3. Preview the whole shebang!
  4. Add to cart.
  5. Zip through our checkout process and submit your order. We’ll get cracking on your very own, very customized, very you Coveroo.

What payment methods do you accept?

  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Amazon

Will I get an order confirmation email?

Yes. If you give us your email when you place your order, we’ll send you an order confirmation email. We’ll also send tracking info once your order has shipped.

Do you take orders from and ship to destinations outside the US?

Yes. Feel free to email us at for questions about shipping times and logistics for your particular location.


What phones do you support?

We offer Coveroos for major phone/device brands, so we’re pretty sure we’ve got you, ahem, covered. Here’s just a sample of our phone model smorgasbord:

  • iPhone 4 and 3G
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • Blackberry

For a full list of phone models and devices we currently support, click here.

Do you have a Coveroo for my phone or device? I don’t see it on the list.

We currently offer Coveroos for the top-selling phones, including all iPhone models, all iPod touch models, and BlackBerrys. We also offer a wide array of cases for iPad. We are no longer accepting orders for phones and devices that are not on our website.


Can I create a custom design? Can I upload my own photo, artwork, or logo?

You bet! Just find your case then choose Use Your Design and follow the on screen instructions or click here now! We do offer bulk discounts on printed cases with your own custom artwork for orders of 24 units or more. See our corporate page to get more information and/or to contact us to get a quote.

Our lawyers thought this would be good to say:

Coveroo supports the rights of individuals to freely express themselves. We do however also need to keep certain people happy. In order to ensure Coveroo is able to be enjoyed by everyone we do have a few restrictions. The following content is not permitted at Coveroo:

  • No images that infringe on any intellectual property rights including, but not limited to copyrights, trademarks and rights of privacy/publicity
  • No pornographic images
  • No text or images that encourage or glorify drug use/abuse
  • No excessive violence
  • No content that can reasonably viewed as harassing, threatening, or otherwise harmful
  • No hate speech
  • No content that can reasonably be viewed as discriminatory based upon race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability
  • No content that violates or encourages anyone else to violate any law

Any products that are deemed unacceptable by the rules above, or deemed offensive or in bad taste at the sole judgment of Coveroo will have their order(s) cancelled with or without notice.

What file format should I use for my custom artwork?

For standard orders placed on we currently support files up to 10MB in size of the following file types for uploads:

  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP

For custom bulk orders we can accept artwork in the following formats:

  • EPS
  • TIFF
  • AI
  • BMP
  • PNG
  • JPEG


What domestic and international shipping options does Coveroo offer?

We offer a variety of express options within the US, Canada, and other countries. International customers are responsible for any and all customs, duties, taxes, and brokerage fees that the package may incur. The following shipping method rates cover up to 5 Coveroos:

Country Shipping Method/Speed What is it? Cost
US Standard Shipping Standard Shipping with Delivery Confirmation number (3-8 business days)
First Class USPS First Class with Delivery Confirmation number (2-5 business days)
Express 2-day Express 2-Day Shipping with FedEx or UPS - with tracking number $19
Express Overnight Overnight Shipping with FedEx or UPS - with tracking number $34
Canada Standard Shipping Standard USPS to Canada Post (12-16 business days) $7
Express 3-day FedEx or UPS - with tracking number $57
International (excluding Canada) International Priority USPS International Priority Shipping - takes 6-12 business days $30
Express International FedEx International Shipping - 3 business days with tracking number $57

Please note that the above transit times refer only to the amount of time it will take for your item(s) to arrive at your doorstep once we have shipped them, not the amount of time it will take to receive your items after you place your order. It can take anywhere from 2-8 business days for us to print and ship your item(s) after your order is placed. This amount of additional time it will take us to print your item is noted on your cart page.


Need status on your order?

You can check your order status by visiting our self-service Order Status Page .

Can you send me an order confirmation email?

Yes we can. If you give us your email on the last page of checkout, we’ll send you an order confirmation email. We’ll also send tracking details when your order ships so you can keep an eye on it.

When will my order ship?

You will see the expected ship date for your order after you pick the design and phone model you’d like to purchase. Typically, LaserEngraved orders ship within 4 days after you place your order. HighColor processing can take 5 - 6 days after you place your order, because the process is more involved. Custom orders may take a bit longer.

How do I delete an item from my shopping cart?

  1. On the right hand side of the check out screen under Qty: delete the quantity # and add 0.
  2. Near the bottom of your order you will see Make any Changes? Click on the Update Cart button.
  3. Proceed with check out or continue shopping.

Where is my order?

Please check your order receipt for your expected ship date. If your expected delivery date has passed and you still haven’t received your order, feel free to email us at

What is my tracking number?

If you would like a tracking number, please provide your email address after you submit your order. If you didn’t do this, don’t worry. Please email us at with your name, order number, and/or shipping address. We’ll find your order and send you your tracking number.


What is your Return Policy?

We want you to love your Coveroo so much you should marry it. (Um, unless that would make your significant other unhappy. In that case, just being BFFs with it will do.) If you receive your Coveroo and decide you’re unsatisfied with the product for any reason, you may return your unused Coveroo for a replacement or full refund within 30 days of your original ship date.  No exchanges are permitted.  Here’s how:

Ship your product back to Coveroo with the order return slip that came with your order.  You are responsible for shipping the items back to Coveroo, including any shipping fees.  Most times it's easiest to use the original package in which the product was shipped.

For refunds, please allow 3-4 business days for the credit to appear on your statement.  A confirmation email will be sent to you once your return is processed.

Where should I ship the item I want to return?

To return your order for a full refund, please ship it to:

Coveroo - ATTN: Returns
1000 Brannan Street, Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94103

Please make sure to include your Order Number and contact information so we can correctly attribute the item to your order.  Please also note that it will take us 7-10 business days to process your return.

Late Returns

Merchandise that is not returned within 30 days of your original shipment date will not be accepted by our warehouse and will be returned to you.

Defects, Damages, & Warranties

We are proud to offer the highest quality designs that make your product truly personal. Coveroo warrants our cases and custom designs against defects in materials and workmanship within of 90 days of your original shipment date.  If you are within 90 days of your original shipment date, please email a photo clearly showing the issue to along with your order number. If you are unable to locate your order number please include your full name and address to assist us in locating your order. If the item was a gift please provide the name of the person who purchased the item.

Unfortunately we cannot offer warranties on branded products that break, because it is outside of our control.  If your product cracks/breaks for any reason beyond our 90 day satisfaction gurantee policy, a replacement case will not be granted. This does not apply to Otterbox cases purchased through If you have an issue with an Otterbox case purchased through and are within 1 year of your purchase date please follow the instructions above.

To read our full Product Warranty click here.

Where is the rest of my phone?

Coveroos are custom phone covers, cases, battery doors, face plates, and back plates for phones and MP3 players. When you place an order with Coveroo you are ordering one cover, case, battery door, face plate, or backplate, depending on the model of your phone. After we custom-make your Coveroo custom cover and ship it to you, you can pop off your old cover, battery door, face plate, or back plate and snap on your new Coveroo.

Where is the rest of my order?

We occasionally ship the parts of your order separately so that you can get each piece as quickly as possible. If you want to follow up on your order, please email us at and we'll get back to you within 1-2 business days.

How do I cancel an order?

Just email us at

I have suggestions! How do I send feedback?

We love to hear from our customers. Your ideas help us improve our products and give you even better service. Please send any feedback on your experience to


Can I order Coveroos for my company?

Yes! Coveroos are a fun, creative way to extend your brand, and they make great gifts for your team. Got a design in mind? Contact us at and we’ll work with you to develop a custom Coveroo look and feel.

We can create custom covers that perfectly fit your company-issued devices. We can also work with you to create custom art that employees, clients, and customers can apply to their personal phones, MP3 players, and devices for some branded flair.

What happens on site? We bring full-size versions of our LaserEngraved tools and apply custom designs to devices in minutes, while guests wait. We can apply corporate logos to build team spirit or offer custom designs so your guests can personalize their own devices.


My question wasn’t answered here. What should I do?

If you have additional questions, please fill in the form below, email us at, or call us at 1-866-685-4330. We’ll help you find the answers you need.

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