Coveroo - Processes

Coveroo Printing Processes

We offer two different printing processes to customize your Coveroo: HighColor (Color) or Etched

The process you choose affects the look and feel of your design on your Coveroo.


Our Highcolor printing process binds your design and any custom text directly on your case, cover, or journal using special pigments that permanently bond to the surface your chosen product.

The result is an incredibly vibrant and smooth design that won’t peel or fade over time. HighColor designs are bold and dense with color, and are sure to catch the eye of jealous onlookers.

Some examples:


Our Etched process uses a high-resolution laser to engrave your design and any custom text into your case, cover, or journal. This process carefully strips off the very top layer of your product, exposing the material just below the surface.

The result is a simpler, monochromatic, generally more subtle design whose color and texture depends on the material of the engraved product. It's the original Coveroo printing process.

Some examples: